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It’s not all about food :-)

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My village has lately become a foodies haven. Either the newly graduated chefs couldn’t find a job in more established restaurants, or they just rebelled against the thought of working for someone else. Who can blame them? The tuition fees for culinary schools are insanely high. Whatever the reason, its great for us Maginhawa-ites.

But more then the restaurants sprouting up left and right (not all of them good by the way but reviews will come later). It’s about a place that we call home.

Our village is part of the Diliman territory. And yes, just 5 minutes by tricycle ride from my place is Quezon City hall. While I cannot get to many of the government offices in 5 minutes time, these government offices can actually be found in the Diliman area.

Most of Diliman area is still residential but you can see signs of commerce and development everywhere. Where I live is actually a small portion of 4 or 5 baranggays all adjacent to the UP Diliman Campus.
Firstly, you have UP Village. Then Teacher’s Village East and Teacher’s Village West. Also part of this is Krus na Ligas and going towards East Avenue are Baranggay Central and Baranggay Pinyahan. Oh yes, towards Kamias isSikatuna Village. In my previous post, I mentioned that we are a microcosm of the bigger society. Just cross a boundary, and the changes in social status are very much visible and obvious. Krus na Ligas and Botocan are cramped and populous places but cross over to UP Village and you will have streets so quiet you’d be afraid to make a noise just passing through.
To fully appreciate and understand what I mean, I have attached a map as reference. So friends, Maginhawa is not merely a foodie haven. For many of us, it is adjacent to home.
Hence, Buhay Maginhawa … because it is afterall, home.