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I have been ghostwriting for a good client for almost a year now. Everytime I would visit her page, I still am amazed at the words and ideas that came down from my brain, flowing down to the computer’s keyboard and finally materializing as words on a page.

Skyping with my sister the other day reminded me that it’s high time to build my own brand – under my name. What better way to de-stress from the stressful world of ghostwriting than by more and more writing. 🙂 I know, it doesn’t make sense but when you write about a topic that requires a lot of research, it’s stressful. When you just blabber and type that blabber down, now that’s fun.

I finished my college course at UP Diliman – a quiet campus far away from the noise and hustle / bustle of Metro Manila. We were secluded in a world that created and encouraged idealism. Living on campus for 4 years had made me fall in love with the campus and its part in Philippine history.

Hence, everytime I had the chance to live in Manila, I chose and gravitated towards UP Campus / Teacher’s Village / Sikatuna Village. If I remember right, I’ve had addresses such as Maimpok, Maamo, Maalahanin and lately, Malingap. Friends have (unsuccessfully) tried to entice me to move in a condominium unit but I’ve remained stuck here.

Lately, the village that I’ve grown up in and grew to love has undergone a facelift. It was a minor change here and there and finally, voila! We were a microcosm of the big society — with our own beloved restaurants that bloggers raved about and people came a-visiting for.

So what better stuff to rave about but my own neighborhood?

I don’t have to leave the village for anything at all (well perhaps if someone decides to put up a cinema somewhere). We have good schools, grocery stores, restaurants, spas, salons, coffee shops, hotels and what nots all within a 5 minute tricycle ride.

Yes this is a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog from someone who lives near the famed or near famous Maginhawa strip (that is quickly turning out to be a younger version of Tomas Morato) dotted with many artsy places and good foodie places.

First stop – a Maginhawa strip map that pinpoints where the eats are.  And yes, will tell you if I ate there or not.

Till then! Ciao!